Critical Data to Help Collect Your Companies Delinquent Receivables


  Current Accounts:    $1.00
3-months Overdue:  $.70
6-months Overdue:  $.50
1- year Overdue:      $.23
2- years Overdue:    $.10

** Survey Results provided by the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA)

Past due receivables can severely impact the trajectory of a business. To fight this uphill and never-ending battle a company must instate a strict policy when dealing with delinquencies. Creating an escalation process from both an internal and external standpoint cannot be overstated. Utilizing collection tools and analyzing weekly aging reports will highlight problem areas in your AR that need to be addressed and resolved. Businesses must draw a line in the sand when dealing with aged balances and be aware that as these debt age they will become harder and harder to collect.

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