Global Hawk Resources enables organizations across the Globe to optimize their Supply Chain function by being an extension of their organizations. Customers can save significantly on pipeline reduction, cost of materials as well as cost of resources to manage the process, gain significant revenue and improve the customer experience! Through customized call handling and work flow design, the transition to outsourcing the reverse logistics management function becomes seamless. GHR Reclamation Architects work directly with the business process owners to design the reporting requirements, data feeds and intervals, communication needs, pipeline management requirements and customer service methodology. This practice enables organizations to focus on their core capabilities while GHR takes ownership of managing and facilitating the reverse logistics pipeline transforming your service supply chain into a competitive differentiator. No matter what your industry is or what your product is, GHR has the market intelligence and business systems to improve your pipeline with increased visibility, consistent communications on collection of goods and valuable analytics to help manage your business and metrics.