Global Commercial Collection Services

First Party Collections

  • Recovery of receivables through a transparent first party program.  Clients engage Global Hawk Resources (GHR) as a first party agency on receivables that range from 30 to 60 days past due on net 30 terms.
  • This program utilizes our services at a low contingency rate in cases where our clients do not have the time or staff to cover collections internally.
  • These programs have been run by partners of GHR in the past with highly successful results.

Letter Writing Service

  • GHR creates “dunning letters” on behalf of our clients escalating slow payers
  • Letters are created and verbiage stress the high priority to resolve
  • Letters have an expiration date that if not resolved will be filed for collections
  • Letters are free of charge

Third Party Program

  • We work on behalf of our clients to resolved disputed AR items.
  • We work strictly on a contingency rate, if we do not collect we do not get paid.
  • Receivables handed over to GHR that are typically 90 to 180 days past due.
  • All accounts receive multiple calls, emails and letters and progress/updates are noted on customizable status reports presented to our clients.

Legal Services

  • Files that are not recovered by GHR with our client’s approval can be forwarded for review by an attorney in our network through the Commercial Law League of America.
  • Upon approval our endorsed attorneys work on behalf of our clients to resolve the debt.
  • This includes bringing files through litigation in hopes of receiving a judgment on our client’s behalf.
  • Fees are broken out on a contingency basis.
  • No collection on cost excluding upfront court costs.
  • Rates increase due to party being involved.

Skip Tracing

  • Accurately locating debtor’s current physically location
  • Background on debtors including any liens of filings for bankruptcy

Collectability of Delinquent Commercial Debts at Time Intervals After the Due Date

Length of Delinquency in Months Since Due Date
  • Due 95% 95%
  • 1 90% 90%
  • 2 82% 82%
  • 3 70% 70%
  • 6 52% 52%
  • 9 38% 38%
  • 12 23% 23%
  • 24 9% 9%

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