Building Suppliers

“With the ever changing and often increasing costs of materials, labor, and overhead, it is critical to maintain your receivables so that your cash flow remains fluid. GHR will champion these efforts in resolving bad debt times on your AR.”

Medical Device/Healthcare

“The Healthcare industry requires specific knowledge of leasing and maintenance contracts, as well as direct sale product purchase agreements. It also demands experience in contacting hospitals, private practices, labs and when pursuing unpaid items. Our collectors are familiar with the ever changing landscape that governs the Healthcare industry. GHR’s industry knowledge of diagnostic terminology and policy specifics allows for efficient claim processing and successful debt recovery.”

Commercial Insurance

“The Business to Business Insurance industry is often a complex maze of providers, policies, audits, terminology, codes, and regulations. Our collectors are well versed in the ever changing landscape that governs the Insurance industry. We work to clearly explain the details of the situation to the parties involved so that payment can be made and the situation can be resolved quickly.”

Hi- Tech

“Technology comes in many forms and often comes in the form of a service rather than just a product. We work with computer software and hardware manufacturers, as well as cloud services and managed application providers.”

Our collectors are trained in software terminology and invoicing and can knowledgably interact with end users to resolve disputed receivables. Our collectors are also well versed in contracts and maintenance agreements and can work with IT managers covertly so as not to disturb daily operations.”

Financial Media

“The Financial Media industry is often a complex maze of Ad payment liability, detailed licensee contracts, third party reseller’s agreements, and illegal piracy. Our collectors are well versed in the ever changing landscape that governs the Media Finance industry.”


“The apparel market and its order to cash flow is vital to the backbone of each company in the sector. GHR’s collectors will work in a timely fashion to work out disputes, product returns, and delinquencies and turn these receivables into cash.”