2021 is rapidly coming to a close. As the year wraps up the Global Hawk Resources team would like to remind all finance professionals of our long list of offerings in the billing and debt recovery commercial space:

* Recovery of Disputed Over 60 days past due balances

* 1st party Collection Program to manage the entire AR portfolio from     current to over 90 day past due terms

* Reclamation of unpaid goods

* Resolution of Double Payments resulting in valid refunds to your finance department

* Assistance with invoicing your customers from your billing software

* Legal Forwarding of Claims not resolved in adjustment that need suit filed

* Skip Tracing to Determine Proper Contacts to present past due items for payment

* Dunning Letter Writing Series

* Designing a Collection Program to push for 2021 year-end cash and/or beginning of 2022 cash collection targets

We wish you all Happy Holiday Season and New Year!!

Team Global Hawk Resources


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