An Integrated Payment




Global Hawk Resources announces immediate availability of Base, enabling our firm to simply and securely accept Credit Card and ACH payment processing on behalf of our customers.

“We are always looking for process improvements.  Partnering with Base allows our staff to secure credit card payments without having to go back to our clients.  It cuts down on distortion and time to pay.  This will subsequently increase our recovery rate across the board.” said Nick Morash, Co-Founder at Global Hawk Resources.  “Global Hawk Resources’ commitment to deliver on our first-class debt recovery solution is highlighted with the addition of this payment option.  Streamlining this thru Base and migrating it with our collection software adds a new advantage in this ever-changing third-party collection agency landscape.”

Founded in 2016, Global Hawk Resources is the worldwide leader in commercial debt recovery. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to optimize your organization’s bottom line by recovering on receivables on average 60 days past terms.

For more information on Base:

Website:  www.basecommerce.com

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